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Indian Railways has been constantly trying to implement new services so as to make train travel smoother and hassle-free for train travellers. The Auto Upgradation Service was launched by the Railways in 2006, and it has proved to be a win-win scheme for both Railways and train travellers. Know more about the scheme to avail benefits:

1. What is Auto Upgradation Service?

If you have opted for Auto Upgradation Service, your wait-listed ticket or your Sleeper Class confirmed ticket is considered for ‘Auto Upgradation’ to the next available upper class seat, for no additional fare. It’s done for free! However, Auto Upgradation completely depends on availability of seats in the higher class.

2. How to opt for Auto Upgradation?

While booking train tickets on Paytm, you must have noticed a ‘consider for Auto Upgradation’ check box.  You need to select it so as to avail the service. It is not done for block booking transactions.

3. What are the chances of Auto Upgradation?

You are likely to get auto upgraded in off season. Chances are also high in short route intercity trains as AC coaches in most of these trains do not have enough bookings.

4. How Railways benefits from the scheme?

This Scheme helps Railways to fully utilise the vacant seats in trains. Before this facility, seat allocation and utilisation was an issue and the Scheme was launched with an aim to resolve this.

5. When and how Auto Upgradation is decided?

Auto Upgradation is computer-generated during chart preparation, based on availability of seats in the higher class. The passengers for upgradation are selected automatically on random basis by the System at the time of preparation of reservation charts.

6. What is the cancellation charge for an auto-upgraded ticket?

In case of cancellation of tickets that have been upgraded, cancellation charges of only the original class are payable.

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