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When it comes to planning an international trip on budget, most of us wait for season discounts and travel sales, but not anymore! Flying out of India is not an expensive affair when tickets are booked early. You can travel overseas without having to scrimp and save if you are aware of low fares on these routes, on Paytm:

    • Fares for Middle East Starting at Rs. 6,000 only
    • Fares for South East Asia starting at Rs. 5,800 only
    • Fares for North America starting at Rs. 30,000 only
    • Fares for Nepal starting at Rs. 4,300 only
    • Fares for Bangladesh starting at Rs. 3,500 only
    • Fares for Australia starting at Rs. 22,500 only
    • Fares for Europe starting at Rs. 16,300 only
    • Fares for China starting at Rs. 9,500 only
    • Fares for Sri Lanka starting at Rs. 2,900 only
    • Fares for Maldives starting at Rs. 5,500 only

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