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Winterline is a unique and beautiful phenomenon in the sky, that can only be seen in Mussoorie and other few places in the world. The sky turns into beautiful shades of orange during this time. If you love witnessing beautiful sky phenomenons, this is definitely one to watch out for.

What is Winterline?

This phenomenon is caused by the refraction of sunlight at a particular angle. This is visible from mountain areas with a long, clear view of a valley towards the west. This phenomenon can be seen mid-October to January, at sunset, when the sun drops behind a flash horizon creating a grey and magenta strip in the sky.

This phenomenon is so rare that now an annual ‘Winterline Carnival’ takes place. One of the best areas to witness Winterline is from a mountain top with a clearing. You can also watch it from a mountain top at the beautiful Jabarkhet Nature Reserve which is located on the way from Dhanaulti to Mussoorie.

Tips to capture Winterline on your camera


Tip: Do check the times for sunset and sunrise daily, or else you might miss this and end up regretting the whole ordeal.

If you want to capture this on your camera then do make sure that you carry a tripod with you as well. Since it’s evening time, the light will be low and the pictures might come out blurry if your hand isn’t steady. Make sure to reach the hill top on time, set up the tripod and photography equipment and wait patiently. You will surely get beautiful shots!

So, plan a trip to Mussoorie soon if you want to see the ephemeral Winterline! With January slowly closing to an end, there’s only so much time left.

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