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With the number of business travellers and tourists travelling from India to the U.S. increasing over the last few years, now getting a visa is easy and fast. Before applying for a U.S. Visa, please keep these points in mind:

What are the different types of visa for the U.S.?

You can apply for either a tourist visa, business visa, or a long-term visa, depending on the length of your stay in the U.S.

How to apply for a U.S. Visa?

The process to apply for U.S. tourist visa is very simple – you need to fill the visa application form and schedule an appointment online and create an online profile. You would need a digital photograph for your form. Pay the application fee through one of the available payment options and schedule an appointment online. On the day of your appointment, you need to bring your appointment letter and all documents required at the visa centre for your biometric enrollment.

How to enrol for biometric information?

You need to enrol your fingerprints and photograph (known as biometric information collection) at the visa application centre. This includes a digital finger scan (all 10 digits) and a digital photograph. The finger scan procedure uses an electronic scanner. You should ensure that your fingertips are free from any forms of decoration (for example, henna), cuts, abrasions or other markings as these may affect your ability to provide acceptable finger scans. Post this, you need to attend an interview. Certain candidates who quality for interview waiver program don’t need to go through the process based on their age or if they are renewing the visa.

What are the things to keep in mind before the interview?

Report to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate where your appointment for the visa interview is scheduled, at least 15 minutes in advance to the scheduled time. You will need to bring the original bank fee receipt with its two barcode stickers, your interview appointment letter and all original supporting documents. There is no guarantee of visa issuance for those not appearing in person.

What are the documents required for visa?

Every traveller requiring a visa will need to submit the following documents, in electronic and coloured format:

  • Your passport, along with a valid passport or travel document with at least 1 page that is blank on both sides.
  • Scan of picture/bio page of passport. Passports should be valid a minimum of six months on the date of travel.
  • Passport-style colour photograph(as per the specification)
  • Proof-of-residency, eg: residence visa, utility bill, tenancy contract, phone bill, credit card bill, official printed address page in passport.
  • Evidence of your permission to be in the country where you are applying, if you are not a national of that country.
  • Evidence of your sponsor’s leave to remain in the U.S. if you are applying as their dependant.
  • Evidence of your travel – flight details
  • Evidence of the employment and all income stated on application form, such as: letter from employer / pay slips / tax returns / business registration documents / business bank account/ statements
  • Evidence of being in education (where applicable)
  • Evidence of qualifications obtained
  • Original bank fee receipts

In some cases, other supporting documents, may also be required.

What is the cost to apply for U.S.Visa?

The cost for a short-term Visa to the U.S. comes around $160.

How long does it take to get a visa?

Provided all required documents are submitted correctly, visas are normally processed in 3 – 4 weeks. However, visa must be applied at least 6 – 8 weeks in advance.

The process and approval of U.S.Visa depends on the sole discretion of the U.S.Immigration Authorities. For more information, please go through the official U.S.Immigration site.

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