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With the number of business travellers and tourists travelling from India to Dubai increasing over the last few years, now getting a visa is easy and fast. Before applying for a Dubai visa, please keep these points in mind:

1. What are the different types of visa for Dubai?

You can apply for either a 96-hour visa, a 30-day visa, or a 90-day visa, depending on the length of your stay in the UAE. The system will automatically select the appropriate visa based on your Emirates booking.

You can’t apply for long-term or residency visas online. Please contact the Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD) for a residency visa.

2. How to apply for a Dubai Visa?

The process to apply for Dubai tourist visa is very simple – you can apply for the UAE visa online if you have a valid Emirates booking. You can start the application process on emirates.com and click on ‘manage a booking’ tool.

You can fill in the required information and attach the documents required and pay online to process the application. After your application is complete, you will be contacted within four international working days with the results of your visa application.

3. What are the documents required for visa?

Every passenger requiring a visa will need to submit the following documents, in electronic and coloured format:

  • Scan of picture/bio page of passport. Passports should be valid a minimum of six months on the date of travel.
  • Passport-style colour photograph
  • Proof-of-residency, eg: residence visa, utility bill, tenancy contract, phone bill, credit card bill, official printed address page in passport

In addition, the following supporting documents, if available, will help in obtaining a visa, and can be submitted during the application process, under the ‘Additional Documents’ category.

  • A current valid visa for any of the following countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Schengen countries, UK, USA.
  • Evidence of travel within the last five years to any of the following countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Schengen countries, UK, USA.
  • Documents which show you have investments of USD 8000 or more, or local income tax papers which show you have an annual income of USD 8000 or more. This could be in the form of pay slips, bank statements or any local investment.

In some cases, other supporting documents, such as marriage certificates, etc., may also be required.

4. What is the valid time period of Dubai short-term visa?

Indian passport holders can apply for a Dubai short-term visa that allows a stay for maximum period of 90 days.

5. What is the cost to apply for Dubai Visa?

A 30-day visa costs $68, and a 96-hour visa costs $44. All charges are payable in US Dollars.

6. Once I am issued a visa can I travel by any airline?

No. Visas issued through this service are sponsored by Emirates – if the visa holder arrives on a different airline, the immigration authorities will refuse the holder entry into Dubai.

7. How long does it take to get a visa?

Provided all required documents are submitted correctly, visas are normally issued by email within four working days of your application.

8. How to check the status of your Dubai Visa?

When you complete your visa application, you will receive a confirmation email with a link – this will allow you to track your visa application process at any time. You can also track your application by going to ‘Manage Booking’ on Emirates.com, and clicking on ‘Online visa application’.

You are sent an email once your visa application has been approved or rejected, or if additional information is required.

The process and approval of Dubai Visa depends on the sole discretion of the UAE Immigration Authorities. For more information, please go through the official site Emirates.com.

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