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Travelling could be exhausting during pregnancy with all the extra weight you are carrying – your in-utero bundle of joy. Even if your trip is very important, make sure you give priority to your comfort and health while on the go. Before you get packing, here are some tips to ensure that you and your little one travel safely:

Take care of the timing

Avoid those hours when you feel sick. For most women, pregnancy has its fair share of nausea, discomfort and fatigue in the morning. Book your flights accordingly so as to avoid these hours. Also, these symptoms won’t usually span the full nine months. If your trip could be delayed, travel during the second trimester when you’ve likely overcome morning sickness, but not yet felt the onset of increased fatigue.

Choose your destination wisely

It could be tempting to visit your favourite destination before your little one leaves you in a perpetual state of sleep deprivation. Make sure that you choose a destination that is closer to home to avoid any discomfort. Also, do ensure that you don’t take a very long flight. Opt for connecting flights, if necessary.

Bring a copy of your prenatal records

Airlines have some restrictions regarding pregnant women. If you are over 36 weeks, most of the airlines won’t allow you to fly on a flight over four hours. If you are 28 weeks or more, you need to present your prenatal records from your doctor. Do check these norms on the airline website before booking your tickets.

Get travel insurance

When flying overseas, get travel insurance and ensure that you check your insurance thoroughly, as some companies will only insure a pregnant woman until a certain stage of the pregnancy (most commonly, 24 weeks), and most companies do not cover an overseas birth.

Wear comfortable clothing

Wear maternity clothes and comfortable shoes while travelling to ensure that you travel in comfort. Also, request a seat with more legroom. If possible, opt for a premium economy ticket. Stay hydrated throughout the journey and bring healthy snacks along.

Most importantly, do consult your doctor before booking your tickets.

Have a safe flight!

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