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Want to know if your train ticket is confirmed or not? You can either do a PNR check or wait for the chart preparation. Train chart preparation plays a very important role because you get to confirm if your name is in the final list of passenger, in reserved category, or not. The chart preparation usually depends on the departure time of the train, and the chart preparation time differs for each train and in addition, it is dependent on whether train departure time is in the morning or evening.

1. What is a train chart?

A train chart is the final list of passengers who have reserved seat with that train. In the chart, passengers’ particulars like name, gender, age and boarding station and destination are mentioned.

2. What time is the chart prepared?

Chart preparation time is different for each train and it also depends on whether the train departure time is in the morning or evening. Usually for all trains, chart is prepared 4-6 hours prior to its schedule departure from origin station.

3. What is the chart preparation time for morning trains?

Chart for all morning trains i.e. trains leaving before 11 am, is prepared the previous day before 8 pm. However, chart preparation also depends on the origin station working criteria.

4. What is the chart preparation time for evening trains?

For evening trains, chart is prepared at the usual time of 4 hours prior to the departure time.

5. What is the chart preparation time for mid-night trains?

 Chart for all mid-night or early morning trains, is prepared in the evening around 8 pm.

6. What if the passenger is travelling by Super-fast, Mail Express or Rajdhani trains?

For Super-fast, Rajdhani or Mail/Express trains, chart is prepared 2-4 hours prior to departure of the train. If the train is scheduled to leave in the morning, the chart is prepared 12 hours before departure and for trains running from different places, the chart is prepared 2-3 hours before departure.

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