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Travel enthusiasts and travel lovers, it’s not too soon to start thinking about your 2018 travel plans. With this year coming to a close in a few weeks, here’s a round up of what will be the travel trends forecast for 2018. Here are some:

Sustainable travel

With the world and nature sending out alarms, many people will rush towards travelling responsibly. With luxury properties adopting interesting ways to include sustainability in their day-to day operations, we finally will see Sustainable travel booming. There are many lodges and resorts that are currently using sustainable energies to run their hotels. Stuff like using elephant dung, solar panels for electricity and much more.

Remote luxury

With a rise in the trend of “Glamping” this year ( those who don’t know it means camping, but in style and luxury); 2018 will see a meteoric rise in Remote luxury. A lot of people are dedicating time to go to far flung places but still living in style. They want to feel like have a small part of the world, entirely to themselves. Even though these resorts may be more tough to get to.

Long trips

A lot of people now want to take trips that are not just weekend getaways but way longer like two-weeks. People are getting to the point where they want to slow down their life and have some me-time. They want to take time exploring a place and the term “Slow Travelling” will take a new meaning.

Adventure tourism

Nowadays, a lot of tourism is not only slow but active as well. Even when they “slow travel”, they want to take up adrenalin-pumping activities!  Meaning many people want to hike, bike, canoe, kayak, zip line, bungee jump, and heli-trek their way around the cities they are seeing.  The sky is the limit when it comes to such activities with so many adventure activities to choose from!

Healing vacations

With the life becoming so fast paced and just so very hectic, a lot of people want to slow down and take healing trips. Whether it is just losing weight or dedicated your time to do exercise and Yoga to heal the body and mind; Healing Vacations are increasingly on the rise! India is the perfect destination for such healing trips.

So follow the trends and plan your 2018 travel in advance. Book flight tickets on Paytm at the cheapest prices.

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