Top 6 skydiving destinations in India

Ring in the New Year’s with some adrenaline rush. This New Year why not do something different? Conquer your fears and emerge victorious! If you have a fear of heights, there’s no better way to get rid of it than by skydiving. You may be surprised, but there are many places in India as well that permit skydiving. Start this New Year with a crazy adventure! Here are the top skydiving destinations in India:

1. Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore hosts several skydiving camps and are located at the base of Chamundi hills. Mysore is one of the best places to do skydiving in India. You can do tandem jumps, accelerated free fall jumps and static line jumps.

Tandem – INR 35,000 (3 hours)
Accelerated Free Fall – INR 2,50,00 (5-7 days, 10 jumps)

Timings: 7 AM to 9 AM

2. Deesa, Gujarat

A beautiful lakeside city in Gujarat, it is considered one of the best skydiving destinations in India. There are plenty of options here for beginners and experts as well. There are many skydiving camps organized in Deesa every summer by the Sports Authority of Gujarat and the Indian Parachuting Federation.  You can reach Deesa by train or bus from Ahmedabad. It only takes two hours by road.

Static Line Jumps – INR 16,500
Tandem Jumps – INR 33,500
AFF – INR 37,500

Timings: 7 AM to 10 AM

3. Pondicherry

An unlikely skydiving destination, Pondicherry offers one of the most picturesque experience ever. Noted for its strong French inspired architecture and beautiful beaches, Pondicherry is an ideal destination for skydiving.

Static Jumps – INR 18,000 (1 jump) to 62,000 (5 jumps)
Tandem Jump – INR 27,000

Timings: 7 AM to 9 AM

4. Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

One of the best skydiving destinations in India, Aamby valley is on every Mumbaiker’s list! The stunning landscapes will take your breath away as you free fall into the valley! Only tandem jumps from a height of 10,000 feet are allowed here.

Tandem Jumps
Mon – Thurs – INR 20, 000
Fri – Sun – INR 25,000

Timings: 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

5. Bhiwani, Haryana

A small town in Haryana, Bhiwani is a popular town for skydiving enthusiasts in North India. Several camps are organized here by Indian Skydiving and Parachute Association. Go here for an amazing sky diving experience

Cost: INR15000 to 28000 (approx.) 

Whom to Contact: Indian Skydiving and Parachute Association 

6. Panchkula, Haryana

Another popular spot for skydiving, Panchkula is also now organising some great skydiving feats. Pinjore in the Panchkula district of Haryana is popular for its sports activities.

Cost: INR16000 to 26500 (approx.) 

Whom to Contact: Skydiving India


A word of caution though – remember to be safe at all the times. It is always good to take basic precautions while opting for extreme sports of any kinds.

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