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What if we tell you that you can head to an island that’s exclusive for women? Yes, just like Wonder Woman’s mystical island home, Themyscira, SuperShe Island that is a part of Helsinki archipelago, off the coast of Finland, would open its doors in June, 2018.

An American entrepreneur came up with this idea with an aim to make SuperShe Island a destination for growth and self-healing for all women across the world. And of course, men are strictly not allowed on the island.

How to reach?

Spanning across 8.4 acres, the island is about 90 minutes from Helsinki Airport, and is home to lush forests and scenic sea view. The resort at the island that is still under construction will have 10 beautiful rooms with gorgeous views. And that’s not it! The rooms will also have fireplaces to make your evenings beautiful. This womanly heaven is estimated upwards of Rs. 2,30,000 for a seven-day stay.

How to book?

To book a room at the island, you need to apply for exclusive membership to the SuperShe community via an online form. Once you have submitted your form, it will be followed by a Skype interview with the founder and references from fellow members.

So apply for the membership, pack your bags and head to the island for the most enriching time of your life.

Check out the official website at supersheisland.  

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