The most tourist-friendly countries in the world


The World Economic Forum comes up with Travel and Tourism Competitiveness report every year that features 136 countries, ranked on 14 pillars. The report ranks countries based on how good a tourist destination it is and the tourist service infrastructure. The criteria is also the number of hotels, quality of tourism and overall facilities. As per the latest report, these are some of the most tourist-friendly countries in the world:



With third place for quality of tourism and infrastructure, and fifth for number of hotel rooms per capita, Austria is the world’s most tourist-friendly country.


Inspite of the recent protests against increasing tourism, when it comes to tourist service infrastructure, Spain ranks second globally. What’s even better? In the overall Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Global Survey, it ranks first.

United States

Los Angeles

The quality of tourism in the United States is so high that it’s the third most prepared destination for tourists in the world.



Portugal ranks high in Travel and Tourism categories. It’s also one of the most secure and safe places to visit. The international openness and high quality of tourism make the country fourth most tourist-friendly destination in the world.



Croatia has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years – and today, it ranks fifth for tourist service infrastructure, with plenty of hotel rooms and ATMs per capita. The abundance of natural resources makes it a perfect holiday destination.

So, make these destinations a part of your travel bucket list to enjoy tourism at its best!



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