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Every year, about 1.8 crore Indians travel to international destinations such as Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai, Maldives, and Bali. These destinations have been the preferred destination for a number of factors. Most of these countries are closer to India, which means less time consumed in travel, and the tickets to these destinations are cheaper as compared to countries that are far off.

Well, we have a good news. Forget the cliché cramped destinations and add these less-explored places to your travel bucket list because travelling to these destinations just got easier.


Explore the destination where Charles Darwin developed the theory of evolution. Yes, Ecuador it is! This one makes for an adventurous holiday with the vast stretches of Amazon forest and the wildlife-rich Galápagos Islands. Lying on the Equator in north-western South America, between Colombia and Peru, this destination is one of the most interesting places you will ever come across. And what’s even better? There are now shorter flights from India to Ecuador and you don’t even need a visa! Yes, thank us later!


Maldives, with its turquoise waters, colourful sea life and exotic spas, is as incredible as it gets. You can also head out to inhabited islands to get true taste of the culture in this beautiful country. Malé, the capital of Maldives, is well-connected by air to all major Indian cities, and now, the renowned cruise operator, Costa, operates a luxury liner from Mumbai to Malé. With plenty of onboard entertainment options for all ages, you can be assured of a good time enroute this breathtaking archipelago.


The mention of Croatia reminds us of the much-loved TV series, Game of Thrones. This intriguing destination gained a lot of popularity as GOT was shot here. The city of Dubrovnik with its attractions like the White Marble Street, Stradun and the Baroque-styled the Jesuit Staircase, is as picturesque as it gets. If Croatia is on your travel bucket list, we have a good news for you. Now, multiple airlines are operating flights to Croatia from all major cities in India, making travel easier than ever.

Republic of Seychelles

Not many people know about this magical destination. If you are a beach bum, Seychelles is the perfect destination for you. The rich, exotic and secluded getaway is a paradise – with sandy beaches and virgin rainforests. The serene landscape would definitely add a magical touch to your trip, and getting here is easy – as Seychelles offers visa-on-arrival for Indians.

So, pack your bags and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! 

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