SpiceJet Introduces 19 New Flights From Mumbai Starting May 4th

Budget airline carrier SpiceJet Airlines announces 19 new flights from Mumbai to other domestic destinations, starting from May 4th 2019. This is the fourth time that SpiceJet has been expanding its network in a month, especially after the suspension of Jet Airways flights in April 2019.

Since April 1st, SpiceJet has introduced 65 new flights, of which 40 have been connecting Mumbai, 10 flights connecting Delhi and 8 of them connecting Mumbai and Delhi. With these new flights, SpiceJet now connects Mumbai to Dehradun, Madurai and Jammu via Guwahati and Srinagar. With this, the airline also become the fist to connect Mumbai and Madurai.

With the grounding of Jet Airways in April, the aviation sector faces a huge crisis. SpiceJet, as a part of dealing with this crisis, have started operation of flights between the domestic routes that include Mumbai-Jammu, Mumbai-Guwahati-Mumbai, Mumbai-Dehradun-Mumbai and Mumbai-Madurai.

Shilpa Bhatia, the Chief Sales and Revenue Officer of SpiceJet, stated that, “We are taking all measures to deal with the shortage of capacity in the market. With these new and additional flights, we aim to minimise the inconvenience caused to passengers due to the ongoing crisis in the industry.”

These new routes will be deployed with Boeing 737s.

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