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Sikkim is now the world’s first 100 percent organic state. The state won the prestigious Future Policy Gold Award from the UN Food and Agriculture (FAO), after beating 51 nominations from around the world.

Sikkim has, over the years, reformed itself as an environmentally responsible state, taking major steps to help it develop into a tourism haven. The state was the first state in India to officially adopt organic farming in 2003, a decision that has paid off in the long run, ensuring sustenance of soil fertility, healthy living, and decreasing the risk of health ailments.

Also, in 2003, Sikkim banned the imports of chemical fertilisers in the state. Farmers in the state have been using organic manure since 2003. Moreover, all of the state’s farmlands are organically certified, which is a great achievement for any state.

Not only has the transition from chemical fertilisers and pesticides helped the environment, but has also benefited more than 66000 farming families. In addition to this, the number of tourists increased by over 50 percent between 2014 to 2017, setting a fine example for other Indian states and other countries.

This new-found prestige on a world forum also means that, as Indians, we should be very careful when travelling in Sikkim. It is imperative that we do not leave any trash behind during treks, and proceed with utmost caution to ensure that we do not contribute towards polluting the state. Sikkim has long been a coveted Himalayan state and has numerous attractions; more so, for hikers and climbers. The first state in the world to receive a 100 percent organic certificate, Sikkim is a pride of the nation.

Source – Times of India

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