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Rumours have been doing rounds in the media and on various social media platforms and Whatsapp groups, as per which, Indian Railways is introducing several changes and new facilities. The same news was also circulated last year, post which, Railways had released an official press note denying the rumours. Railways had clarified that the rumour is totally baseless and a section of media had published this news without verifying it from the authorized sources of the Indian Railway system.

The Ministry of Railways also clarified the following in the press release, last year:

  1. There are no new changes being introduced.
  2. Railways have been selling waitlisted tickets both through online (e-ticket) and PRS counters. There is no change in this scheme and railway will continue to sell waitlisted tickets through both online and PRS counter.
  3. Railways have been running Suvidha Class of trains since July, 2015, and such trains will continue to run. The waitlisted ticket in such trains is also available, if required. Provision of partial refund in case of Suvidha Train tickets is available right from the beginning of the scheme.
  4. Railways have notified new refund rules in November, 2015. There rules are still continuing and there is no change in them.
  5. There is no proposal to discontinue paper tickets for Shatabdi and Rajdhani or any other train. However, for passengers booking e-tickets online, the tickets received by SMS is a valid proof for travel along with permissible proof of identity.
  6. The booking time for tatkal tickets was changed last year with booking for AC classes opening at 10:00 am and for Non-AC classes at 11:00 am, one day in advance of actual date of journey. There is no change in these timings and the same process will continue.
  7. There has been no new scheme or charges of booking coaches and trains. The existing scheme is in vogue for many years and is continuing to be valid.
  8. There is no change in the refund rules of tatkal tickets. Under the existing rule, no refund is granted on cancellation of confirmed tatkal tickets/ duplicate tatkal ticket. This rule continuous to be in operation.
  9. Railways is already running its destination alert facility on its help line number 139. In addition, a free destination alert service in some Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains was also introduced on a pilot basis for train arrival at destination between 11:00 am to 6:00 am already available. There is no change in this facility also.

In case of any query, visit IRCTC website for more information.

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