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Rathambore is one of the most popular national parks in India. One of the most famous spots in the world to spot a tiger, Rathambore,  is located in Northern India in the district of Savai Madhopur. Rathambore is situated at 130 km from the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur. This wildlife sanctuary offers a charming ambiance with Aravalli hills, pretty lakes, ponds and ravines. Rathambore is home to many animals  such as jackal, mongoose, sloth bear, leopard, sambar, Indian Hare, monitor lizards, and plenty of birds.

How to Get here

There’s no direct air or train connections till here but it’s well connected by the surrounding cities like Jaipur. There are train and bus stops in the nearby town of Sawai Madhopur.

What to Do

Rathambore National Park: The activity that should be on top of your charts is a safari at the national park. It’s one of the most visited wildlife sanctuary in India. Many people flock here in the hopes of seeing a tiger. However, if you’re not lucky enough, you can be sure to spot langurs, Nilgais, Indian flying foxes, bears and many variety of birds. Just whizzing around in this beautiful safari is fun!

Rathambore Fort: Located 13 km away from the Sawai Madhopur Railway station, this fort  was founded in 944 and initially named “Ranath Bhawar Garh”. You can either try the shuttle service, which costs Rs 30 per head to go up the fort.


Bakula: Rathambore Wildlife Sanctuary is mostly covered in thick forests and is one of the most thickly forested regions. There are many pools and water holes here and because of that there’s an abundance of wildlife here as well. It’s an excellent for the tigress and her cubs to hide! So, if you haven’t spotted a tiger in the National Park, you can try your luck here.

Kachida Valley: This valley is located on the outskirts of the Rathambore National Park. This is an ideal place for sloth bears to hide! You can even catch Hyenas here!

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