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Rajdhani Trains Set To Reduce Travel Time By An Hour

The introduction of the new two-engine operation in Rajdhani trains have made rail journeys more comfortable for the passengers. Apart from adding two passenger coaches, the push-and-pull mode is set to make the Rajdhani rail journeys shorter than before, resulting in saving at least one hour per journey.

Sources say that the new Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani train that took its journey on February 13th resulted in a reduced travel time, reaching the destination in around 106 minutes lesser time. This ‘Make in India’ project is surely going to help a large number of train travellers by saving their time and rewarding a better train travel experience.

With the introduction of the new system, it has become easier for the trains to navigate at higher speeds than before. This has been implemented with no additional capital cost involved. The authorities opined that with the increase in the speed of Rajdhani trains, the speed of other trains are also to relatively improve.

The new feature has also enabled the addition of two modified AC 3 Tier coaches, which would be equally beneficial for better revenues of the railways.

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