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Vikalp is an alternate train accommodation scheme launched recently by the Indian Railways. The aim is to achieve the twin objectives of providing confirmed berths to waitlisted passengers and ensure optimal utilisation of available seats.

Here is all you need to know about the scheme:

1. It will widen the scope of availing confirmed berths in IRCTC trains.

2. Waitlisted passengers can travel in premier trains like Rajdhani or Shatabdi, even if they have booked tickets in other mail or express trains for the same destination.

3. Initially, the scheme will be available for online bookings only and will soon be extended to over-the-counter bookings. Waitlisted passengers can get confirmed berths in the next alternate train if they opt for it while booking their tickets. There would be no extra charges or refunds for the difference of fares.

4. Passengers opting for the ‘Vikalp’ scheme will get SMS alerts on his/her mobile phone about confirmed accommodation in the next train running on the route.

5. This scheme has been extended to all train routes across the country. It aims to target about 1.5 lakh berths per day that remain vacant during lean season in popular trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto, and special service trains like Humsafar and Suvidha.

6. In case you decide to cancel your tickets after opting for Vikalp, the cancellation shall be done for confirmed berth on the new train, not on the basis of wait-listed ticket on the old train.

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Please note: Opting for Vikalp does not guarantee a confirmed berth in an alternate train. It is subject to train and berth availability. For more information on the scheme, please go through the terms and conditions mentioned on the IRCTC website.

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