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RAC Ticket Booking Rules

RAC Ticket Booking Rules

Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) tickets are the ones that filled when confirmed train tickets are cancelled before the chart preparation by the Indian Railways. The RAC tickets confirm a guaranteed journey on the train, but doesn’t assure a berth on travel.

An RAC ticket gets confirmed only in the following cases:

  • Last minute cancellations
  • Unsold tickets under any quota
  • Confirmed ticket holders upgraded to upper classes on the basis of seat availability

Types of Classes Available in Indian Railways

Status of the RAC Ticket

On any RAC ticket, you would find two numbers that denote two values. For instance, if the status of your RAC ticket is seen as RAC10/RAC3, it means that the ticket was 10th ticket under that category of RAC tickets at the time of purchase, and the current position is 3, which would be due to the cancellation of 7 tickets. However, no berth is assured on travelling using RAC tickets.

RAC Tickets Cancellation

RAC tickets can be cancelled at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train. No refunds are allowed after the scheduled departure time of the train. An online TDR has to be filed up to 72 hours before the train’s arrival time at the passenger’s destination. The amount is refunded to the passenger’s bank account after verification by IRCTC.

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