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Wondering if you could plan your train journey based on your preferred train’s ticket availability? We have a solution for you. Paytm introduces a new feature to make your train ticket bookings online easier. Now you can use our feature “Search by Train” to search for your desired train by its name or number. 

Here’s a simple step by step guide on how to use the “Search by Train” feature. 

Step 1: While searching for Trains on Paytm app, click on the “By Train” tab as shown in the image.



Step 2: Now you can type the name or number of your desired train. Once you start entering, you will see the suggestions, from which the desired train can be selected.


Step 3: Once the train is selected, choose the source and destination stations from the list provided on clicking the source/destination slot.



Step 4: Select your preferred date, and proceed to fill in the Traveller information, and to the payment gateway. 

Yes, it’s that easy! You don’t have to search for the entire list of trains on your route to plan a trip. Use this new feature and have an enjoyable train ticket booking experience with Paytm.

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