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You already know that India’s leading travel ticket booking portal, Paytm is your best choice when it comes to booking your travel tickets online, fast and easily. You get plenty of offers in a matter of seconds and get to book your train tickets with maximum savings. Through this article we are hoping to let you know how you can also book your train tickets with a variety of unique features that will surely save your time and energy from all the hassles involved in the train ticket booking process.

H1_New-Banner-_-Paytm-TrainsIt does not matter where you are, you can book your train without a single hassle in seconds as well as check status and receive updates regarding your booking using any device, be it your computer or smartphone. Not only this, you can avail plenty of amazing deals and discounts while making your train reservation in a flash! Keep reading to find out all the important information that Paytm now makes conveniently available at your fingertips.

train-1Track Live Train Status anytime, anywhere

Apart from the most seamless mobile train ticket booking experience online, Paytm helps you track your train right at your fingertips. Now you can conveniently book your trains, check schedules, availability as well as track your train’s live running status anytime you want. You can always ensure your train is confirmed while grabbing the best deals and offers. With Paytm’s Live Train Running Status feature, you get to find out the most accurate information and always stay updated about your train’s current status on the Paytm app with just a few clicks.

pexels-stanislav-kondratiev-12219625-scaledCheck your train’s PNR status & updates conveniently

Not only will you get the e-tickets sent to your contact after booking your train on Paytm, but you also get all the relevant information to keep you fully updated about your train. This includes your train’s PNR status. When booking a train, each ticket contains a unique PNR, which is an acronym for ‘Passenger Name Record’. This is used to check the train’s status as well as booking details. You can check your PNR status from the comfort of your home with PNR enquiry. You can easily stay informed about whether your ticket is confirmed or waitlisted on your Paytm app.

pexels-rohit-gangwar-904272-scaledBook trains for your family via the Senior Citizen Quota

Earlier, senior citizens were given a fare concession but that was removed post-COVID19. But with Paytm, now you can easily book trains for yourself, your parents and family while availing the best deals. Simply book train tickets under the Senior Citizen Quota and avail lower berth tickets for male travelers of age 60 or above and female travelers age 45 or above. No matter what festival, holiday or occasion, you can avail Senior Citizen Quota for your family anytime, anywhere. Simply log in to Paytm, book your train tickets and avail the best deals ever!

pexels-berkant-akyuz-9993424-scaledEasy steps to booking your train tickets on Paytm

Step 1: Log in to the Paytm website or app.

Step 2: Go to the ‘Ticket Booking’ section

Step 3: Choose your source and destination station details.

Step 4: Enter your departure date and search for trains

Step 5: Choose from a wide variety of classes & review all the train details from availability, pricing, types to stations and schedules.

Step 6: Choose your desired train and fill out your details as well as berth preference.

Step 7: Put in your IRCTC login details or create a new one with all your details.

Step 8: Avail a variety of offers from Zero Payment Gateway Charges to Senior Citizen Quota on Paytm.

Step 9: Select the coupon codes you prefer and select your preferred mode of payment.

Step 10: Proceed to pay, authenticate your IRCTC details with your password, and voila!

train-featuresYou will have successfully booked your train and will receive a confirmation message, along with your tickets on your contact and email address. Make sure to carry the e-ticket instead of physical tickets, to show the ticket collector during your journey. So, to maximise your savings and booking benefits, all you need to do is simply log in to your Paytm app or website with a single click!

Why choose Paytm to book your train tickets?

Booking a train has never been this easy! Paytm provides the best deals and savings, the most secure and reliable way, along with the most user-friendly experience of train booking. Instead of spending all your time and energy queuing up for long stressful and hassle-some hours, you can simply book your train tickets on Paytm in a few minutes!

train-budget-feature-1Advantages of booking your train tickets on Paytm

  • All your queries are resolved fast and easily by customer service available 24*7.
  • You can check train availability and book according to your convenience anytime.
  • You can check a variety of details from your live train status, PNR Status, routes to schedules, fares, and all important details and updates regarding your train booking.
  • You get to choose the meals and seats you prefer from anywhere without any hassles.
  • You get to maximise your savings by availing the best offers, discounts as well as concessions on train tickets.
  • You get to make your IRCTC train ticket booking in a flash on Paytm.

man-trainBook your train in hassle-free minutes on Paytm

We know you love train travel especially when it’s such a popular choice for both short and long distance travel, and why not? Trains connect thousands of routes and cities making it easy, convenient and a widely chosen travel mode just about everywhere. From the prices, speed, convenience to routes, connectivity and the arrival of the internet making it all one more step easier, train travel remains favoured by most of us.

train-1And, more so with Paytm coming to the picture, making your journey even smoother, when it comes to searching for routes, checking your fares and booking your tickets in the easiest way ever. All you have to do is log in to Paytm, or download the Paytm app, to avail any train ticket booking feature you need, one hassle-free click away from the comfort of your home or anywhere, really. So what are you waiting for? Go to ticket booking and make your train reservation now!

Bon Voyage!

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