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Mumbai Rains: Trains & Flights Delayed, Heavy Traffic Reported

The Mumbai rains have hit strong this time, leading to several deaths, heavy traffic and train & flight delays among the other conditions. Many long and short distance trains commuting from and to Mumbai have been cancelled or rescheduled due to the heavy downpour. 

The 360mm of rainfall recorded overnight in Mumbai has created a chaotic situation in the financial capital of India. In some parts, the suburban trains have been delayed by about 2 hours. 17 long distance trains of the Western Railways and 10+ trains from the Central Railways have been cancelled due to the emergency situation. 

Several flights that were to operate from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport have been delayed by a minimum of 30 minutes due to the bad climatic conditions and low visibility caused by the Mumbai rains. 

The weather remains the same and the downpour is expected to continue for a few more hours. This may lead to a further delay in many more trains due to water-logging caused by the onset of monsoon in Mumbai. Several areas of Mumbai like the Olive Pura, Nizampura, Padmanagar Bhaji Market and Mandai are still submerged under water.

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