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Mist Cooling System at Indian Railway Stations

Here’s some great news for train travellers in India. Summers have always been a nightmare with the heat that scorches up to an unbearable temperature. The Railway Ministry have now introduced mist cooling system at Mathura Junction Railway station’s platforms to bring down the heat so that the passengers can have a relaxing experience  at the railway station. 

As per the official reports, the newly introduced mist cooling system at Mathura railway station has helped in reducing the temperature up to 7-8 degrees. This helps in keeping the outdoors cool, at a minimal cost compared to air-conditioning. Another benefit of this cooling system is that it can be easily installed at any railway platform.

The Railway Ministry had earlier undertaken a redevelopment program for Mathura Junction railway station to ensure that the passengers have a better experience while at the railway station. Along with the Mathura station, the Railway Ministry had targeted 68 railway stations for redevelopment. This list includes Haridwar railway station, Jaipur Junction railway station, Tirupati railway station, Lonavala railway station along with other railway stations that see a rush of passengers every year.

Interestingly, this year, ₹7500 crore has been invested by the Indian Railway Station Corporation (IRSDC) to improve the facilities of 50 Indian railway stations. Indian train travellers can now be sure that the train journeys and waiting at the railway stations are going to be better experiences compared to earlier times.

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