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With the number of business travellers and tourists travelling from India to Malaysia increasing over the last few years, now getting a visa is easy and fast. Before applying for a Malaysia visa, please keep these points in mind:

What are the different types of visa?

While there are several categories of visa, there are two main categories: Non-immigrant Visa – for temporary visits such as for tourism, business, work or studying, and Immigrant Visa – for people to immigrate to the country. You can get an eVisa with a validity of 30 days or eVisa/ eNTRI visa with a validity of 15 days.

How to get a tourist visa to Malaysia?

The process to apply for Malaysia tourist visa is very simple – you just need a visa form and two recent coloured passport size photographs (35mm X 45mm, 80% face close up, matte finish, white background only). Ensure that your passport is valid for 6 months from the date of entry in Malaysia. Also, download the checklist for additional documents needed and carry the photocopies of all the documents. From India, you also have the facility of visa on arrival for Malaysia.

What are the documents required for tourist visa?

You can download the visa form online and complete it with information, photographs and signature. If you are a first time traveller to Malaysia, there would be a need to attach income tax papers along with bank statements of last 3 months. Apart from this, applicants should also have sufficient funds for the period of stay in Malaysia along with confirmed return tickets. Moreover, the consulate has the right to ask for additional documents as deemed necessary.

What are the additional documents required for Malaysia business visa?

Apart from the documents mentioned above, you would need to submit the IMM FORM 14A – duly completed in English with confirmed air tickets and details of your stay. If you are getting a business visa, you need to attach a letter that has details of your address, telephone number and fax number of the company you work for. Confirmation page of online submitted Form DS-160 with CEAC bar code is mandatory. Visa fees to be paid in advance at the bank before taking an appointment.

What is the valid time period of Malaysia tourist visa?

Indian passport holders can apply for a Malaysia tourist visa that allows a stay for maximum period of 30 days with a validity of 2 years. If you get a multiple entry visa, you can travel multiple times in the valid time period, without having to re-apply for the visa.

What is the cost to apply for Malaysia Visa?

The cost of applying for a 30-day eVisa is approx. Rs. 3,850, and for 15-day eVisa and eNTRI, the cost is Rs. 1,500.

What is the process to apply for Malaysia Visa?

Indians can apply for a Malaysia visa online using the e-Visa application system. The High Commission of Malaysia in India does not accept any walk-in applications. All the visa applications have to be submitted online. The applicants can submit their applications through any authorized agent as well.

How to check the status of your Malaysia Visa?

You can check the status of the visa on VFS Global website. 

The process and approval of Malaysia Visa depends on the sole discretion of the High Commission of Malaysia. For more information, please go through the official Malaysia Embassy website.


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