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‘Make in India’ Serves Driverless Trains For Sydney Metro

The ‘Make in India’ initiative achieves a new milestone. The Sydney Metro trains are now fully automated and driverless, which are manufactured and served by Alstom’s Sri City facility located in Andhra Pradesh.

These driverless train coaches are automated, and are equipped with modern amenities and facilities like LED lighting, CCTV cameras, emergency intercom facilities, double doors, real-time travel information and large windows to ensure better comfort and convenience for the passengers.

The Metropolis trains manufactured by Alstom, a subsidiary of a France-based multinational company, are designed and built for metro rail infrastructure systems or high capacity rapid transit. These trains are now in service in 22 cities that include Kochi and Chennai.

These trains are equipped by Urbalis 400 signalling system that reduces the halt time at the stations. This is also one of the greatest achievements of the ‘Make in India’ initiative. With these automated trains, train travel becomes faster and more efficient.

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