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Travelling is an amazingly enriching experience. Exploring new places, knowing different cultures, trying new adventures and admiring off-beat landscapes – Travelling gives you memories to be cherished forever.

While we all love travelling and we travel for different reasons, it’s important for us to understand, the need to be a responsible traveller. Our travelling habits can make a world of difference to the places we visit. On occasion of World Tourism Day, we present you : The Do’s and Don’ts of Travelling!

Dispose your Trash Properly- Imagine unspoiled beaches with sparkling blue waters. Turn around and there are plastic water bottles littered everywhere. It’s just disappointing to see a littered landscape. As a responsible traveller, we shouldn’t indulge in activities that might harm the beauty of the destination, while you’re on a trip.


Don’t Scribble on the Walls of Monuments- Heritage monuments speak volumes about the bygone eras and are a significant part of our history & culture. The monumental attractions gives us a sense of pride and the least we can do is to preserve the site & protect our own culture. Also, always keep the sites clean that are of tourist interest.


Don’t Take Photographs without Permission- Travelling is immense fun and so is taking photos! If you want to take pictures of the local people, of their heritage and their traditions, do take their consent. When you are visiting a museum, national park, monument or a place where photography is prohibited, follow the rules and do not disregard the signs.


Respect Wildlife- Whether or not you are a wildlife enthusiast, make sure you watch them without disturbing their natural habitats or endangering their lives. Be a responsible traveller and keep a minimum distance from the animals and avoid animal entertainment.


Be Polite to Fellow Travellers & Locals- When you are a guest in another country or city, be mindful of how you interact or behave with the locals. Take out time and do some research about the local community, their everyday culture, tipping etiquette and learn basic phrases to show respect.


While travelling, be the nicest version of yourself & make the most out of your travel– Happy World Tourism Day!

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