Explore Offers for Flight Bookings
We heard you! And we took an interesting approach to study the fare trends and find out facts that play a key role in determining ticket fares. 


Facts such as…

#1 Bus travellers generally opt for last-minute bookings due to multiple options and availability of tickets.
#2 Also, did you know that you can travel by bus for less than Rs. 150 and by flight for less than Rs. 2,000? Yes, we are not kidding!

#3 The cheapest route for bus is Chandigarh to Ludhiana and the cheapest route for flight is Chennai to Cuddapah!

#4 Want to save additional 10% on flight fares? Book your tickets 28 days in advance or on a TUESDAY! 

And that reminds us;
The most important fact is…

#5 Tuesday is going to be your favourite day of the week!
Because now, you can save those extra bucks on flight and bus ticket bookings, on Paytm – EVERY TUESDAY 

Stay tuned for our Tues-yay offers on Paytm!

Thank us later 🙂

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