Long Weekends And Festivals Make For The Perfect Holiday Getaway!

Dubai long weekend getaway

Time for reality check 101 – the year 2021, ends in less than four months! Where did the year go? Fighting Covid-19, sustaining a job and keeping our loved ones happy and safe is probably the right answer! But yes, the hard truth remains, the pandemic has put a pin to all our travel plans nationally and internationally. Many long weekends and public holidays and festivals have come and gone, many lost opportunities, many bucket list misses. But the good news is, we have 4 months left in 2021 and each month has got a long weekend set aside for holidays to be planned and places to be explored.

India is a stunning country, bubbling with vibrant traditions, unseen wildlife, age old history, architectural wonders, and natural landscapes. However, it’s best known for its scrumptious cuisines, and humblest of people. Long weekends in association with festival holidays is the ideal time to experience our country’s rich heritage. You don’t need to worry about visa or advance booking or international border restrictions while travelling within India. So just bring out the spontaneous traveller in you, look up activities that are of interest, and get going. 

Encouraging every wanderlust, we’ve curated upcoming long weekends and festivals for the months of September, October, November and December. Across these 4 months, you got 6 long weekends to fulfill your 2021 travel desires. 

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There’s an exciting holiday planner with travel tips, seasonal recommendations and celebrations being brewed for 2022. Stay hooked to Paytm’s TravelStories to know more.

Don’t forget to get vaccinated, follow all safety precautions and travel responsibly!

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