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The world is such a beautiful place to wander, experience and fall in love. From picturesque landscapes, gushing waterfalls, gigantic mountains and serene beaches to ancient history, unique cultures, humble locals, traditional delicacies and intricate lifestyles, travel is the best source of knowledge and discovery. Despite its origin, everything has a story to narrate, a memory to create and at times, even customs to follow.

So this month of love, let’s visit one such tradition that was born out of love, centuries ago and has spread to different parts of the world – The Love Lock Bridges.

Stunning bridges in many countries are adorned with millions of padlocks with initials and names engraved on them. Couples, best friends, and families have committed to one another through this simple yet meaningful gesture. Across time, these bridges have become iconic tourist attractions in many countries and a trend on Instagram.

Top 5 bridges to lock in that love or just click a selfie are:

Pont des Arts Bridge, Paris


Of course, the most famous love lock location in the world had to be in the city of love. Built over the river Seine, the pathway is filled with colors of love and is not only the most photogenic pedestrian bridge in Paris, but has also earned international acclaim as the bridge for romance. 

N Seoul Tower, Seoul, South Korea


Besides being quite picturesque and romantic on its own, the tower has 7 artificial Trees of Love adorned with colorful padlocks inscribed in multiple languages. They are also surrounded by fences on which padlocks are attached. There is also a Key Bin, into which goes the key of love.

Ljubavi Bridge, Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia


The legendary bridge on which the tales began, Ljubavi Bridge, is the ‘Bridge of Love’. The railings, from bank to bank, are covered in thousands of padlocks of all shapes, sizes, and materials, some even dating back to many years.

Ponte Milvio Bridge, Rome


Seated on the Tiber in northern Rome of Italy, is one the oldest bridges in the country, actually dating back to the era of the Roman Empire and well-known Battle of the Milvian Bridge. However, this ritual in Ponte Milvio is greatly inspired by the popular book “I Want You” by the Italian author Federico Moccia.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, USA


A city that never sleeps, surely had to have an epic location for love declaration. The famous Brooklyn Bridge has long been a favorite location for tourists to visit, but also a bridge on which people literally lock their feelings onto the railings.

Travel, similar to life, is different for every individual. The reason for travel, the choice of destination, and the budget of course varies from person-to-person. But the one thing everyone has in common, irrespective of their country or origin is… #LoveForTravel.  

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