Travel hacks: Know how to plan budget international trips

When it comes to planning an international trip, the most expensive part is usually booking flight tickets. Most of us wait for season discounts and airline sales to travel overseas, but not anymore! You can plan an international trip without burning a hole in your pocket if you are aware of some dos and don’ts. Yes, follow these travel hacks and travel smart:

Book early: Last-minute booking is always expensive, and most of us tend to do that. Plan your trip in advance and book early to have better options for flights & cheaper flight tickets as well!

Keep your searches hidden: Have you ever noticed how the flight prices increase every time you search for it? No, it’s not a co-incidence. Search engines are smart enough to show you higher prices as the demand is high. Use an incognito window, as your cookies are re-set every time you open an incognito window in search engines, so now when you search for your flights, you will see the same price throughout.

Use cheapest flight filter: Filters show you the result you want. Set the cheapest flight filter to find the best fares.  If you are flexible with travel dates, you can also use the fare calendar feature on Paytm to get the cheapest tickets.

Identify the best days to book a flight: Most of us prefer travelling on the weekends but do you know that flights on the weekends tend to be way more expensive that weekday flights? Yes, so the next time you plan a trip, try to keep your dates flexible and book a weekday flight to save some bucks.

Find the cheapest city to fly to: When you’re planning your holiday, look for the cheapest city to land into in the country. Not only is it easier to plan your trip, you will for sure save a lot!

Register for airline miles: When you travel often, you collect airline miles like Jetmiles that can be used for some really great discounts. Airline miles are a great way to save some money.

Book a hostel: If you don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount on your stay, book a hostel. Most countries have hostels for travellers with all the facilities available. What’s amazing about these hostels? They are dirt cheap and would help you stick to your budget.

So, what are you waiting for! Plan your international holiday now.

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