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When it comes to planning a holiday on a budget, we mostly stick to our neighbouring countries owing to its accessibility, less travel time and affordability. The most popular destinations from India are Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc., and that’s why these countries are thronged by tourists at all times of the year. Flying out of India is not always an expensive affair, if tickets are booked early. We have a list of lesser-known destinations that you can travel to from India, without having to scrimp and save for your international getaway.



Located in the Southeast Asia, this gem of a country would enchant you with its marble mountains and green paddy farms, in a budget friendly way. Vietnam is also known for picture-perfect landscapes – forests, islands, temples, and amazing street food that attract tourists from around the globe. Vietnam is an ideal location for budget travellers.

Flight tickets – Rs. 25,000-Rs. 35,000

Daily expenses – Rs. 2,500-Rs. 3,000



Also known as the ‘the land beneath the half-moon’, Turkey has an eastern charm because of its scintillating culture and valuable historical background. When in Istanbul, do visit the Kabak Bay – sea surrounded by valleys with jaw-dropping views of the Mediterranean and steep cliffs carpeted with pine trees. Turkey is a perfect destination for a low-cost international travel.

Flight tickets – Around Rs. 25,000 (From Mumbai to Istanbul)

Daily expenses – Around Rs. 2,500



Snuggle into the sky-high mountains at the forested country of Laos – packed with sloping hills, pine trees and colonial architecture. At Laos, there are plenty of things to do which fit in your wallet, and makes it one of the cheapest destinations to travel to from India.

Flight tickets – Rs. 30,000- Rs. 33,000

Daily expenses – Rs. 1,000 – Rs. 1,100



Egypt is a must visit for all history enthusiasts. Being the world’s oldest civilization, Egypt is enveloped with numerous ancient places, and is a perfect international destination for a recreational holiday. It also adds an element of adventure for the scuba divers, as it is bordered by the Red Sea to the East and South. Don’t forget to visit the fascinating pyramids when in Egypt.

Flight tickets – Rs. 25,000- Rs. 30,000

Daily expenses – Rs. 2,000 – Rs. 2,500



Cambodia is an empire of temples, located in the southern portion of Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Angkor Wat, a major attraction in the country, is the largest religious building in the country. Cambodia also offers a variety of experiences – from beaches of Sihanoukville, beguiling riverfronts of Phnom Penh, endless rice fields of Mondulkiri, colonial towns of Battambang, and lush green parks – all at a pocket-friendly budget.

Flight tickets – Rs. 25,000- Rs. 30,000

Daily expenses – Rs. 3,000 – Rs. 3,200



A Euro-trip doesn’t always mean a swanky getaway. Hungary gives you the opportunity to visit a European country on a limited budget. From historical places, hiking in forests, wine tours to cave expedition; here, you never run out of options to do.  When in Hungary, a trip to Danube River, and thermal bath at an ancient spa are a must.

Flight tickets – Rs. 35,000- Rs. 45,000

Daily expenses – Rs. 2,000 – Rs. 2,500



If you are a wildlife lover, Kenya is the perfect destinations to explore the wild side of Africa. Bursting with countless wild species and chock full of safaris, this East African country with a coastline on the Indian Ocean, will give you nerve-wracking moments and a holiday to cherish. When in Kenya, experiencing a traditional African safari and hot air balloon safari is a must.

Flight tickets – Rs. 30,000- Rs. 35,000 (if booked in advance)

Daily expenses – Rs. 2,700 – Rs. 3,000



China offers you the best of both world – astoundingly rich history and an advanced urban setting. This fascinating country with an ancient civilisation has so many places that you must visit – The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Wangfujing Place and The Temple of Heaven. The mild climate makes it an ideal place to visit during any time of the year. Your bucket list will be incomplete without shopping and enjoying the succulent food – all at a budget.

Flight tickets – Rs. 30,000- Rs. 33,000

Daily expenses – Rs. 6,000- Rs. 6,500



Owing to its affordability, UAE is the middle class tourist hub for India. The sky-scraping architecture and the countless shopping hubs, make Dubai a fun destination for all. When in Dubai, don’t forget to experience the desert safaris that Dubai is known for. Not to forget the world’s tallest pre-eminent building, Burj Khalifa, and Abu Dhabi, for the glorious white marble domes and mosques.

Flight tickets – Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 20,000

Daily expenses – Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 6,000



Not many people know about the magical destination that Seychelles is and that’s what makes it perfect for a lazy vacation. The rich, exotic and secluded getaway is a paradise – with sandy beaches and virgin rainforests.

Flight tickets – Rs. 40,000- Rs. 45,000

Daily expenses – Rs. 5000 (If spent thriftily)

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets in advance and enjoy your international getaway on a budget.

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