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Train 18, India’s first fully made-in-India train, is now in service. India’s fastest train yet was officially sent on its way as Vande Bharat Express by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15th February. The train is an indigenously designed train, and it marks a new era in travel technology for Indian Railways.

Interesting facts about Vande Bharat Express:

1. Engine of the train: Train 18 or Vande Bharat express is the India’s first engineless train. Till date, trains of India have a separate engine coach while train 18 has integrated engine like bullet or metro train, making it faster than the existing Shatabdi Express.

2. Fully automatic doors and AC coaches: The train has 16 fully air conditioned chair cars coaches with two seating options – Economy and Executive class. Amazing feature is that the Executive class have revolving chair which can turn 180 degrees.

3. Food facility in the train: The semi-high speed train will serve the food which is included in the price of the ticket itself.

4. Onboard Wi-Fi access: The Vande Bharat Express offers onboard Wi-Fi access for users to use the services of internet for infotainment. Also, on mobile phones or tablets you will be able to use internet to access content.

5. GPS based advanced system: The train also has GPS based advanced passenger information system which will update you about the upcoming stations and information.

6. Speed of the train: It is capable of running at the speed over 180 Km per hour faster than the Shatabdi Express but the current tracks are supportive of speeds not more than 130kmph.

7. Bio-Vacuum toilets: To solve the problem of the sanitation in the train that usually people faces bio-vacuum toilets are used for both Indian and Western style washrooms. It will provide zero discharge as we see in the aeroplanes. Also, touch -free bathroom fittings are provided to allow users to experience sanitation without worry.

Some other features are:

– The train is designed in such a way that passengers can see the glimpse of driver’s cabin.

– There are modular racks in each coach for the luggage and are more spacious than other trains like Gatiman Express.

– In the coaches of the train, reading lights with touch control is provided.

– It is fully made in India in the Integral Coach Factory, Chennai.

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