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Indian Railways to Upgrade Semi-High Speed Trains

After the success of the fastest train of the Indian Railways, Vande Bharat Express, the Railways are to now focus more on semi-high speed trains. The punctuality record of Vande Bharat Express, also known as Train 18, is one of the factors that inspired the Indian Railways to consider the improvement of the rest of the semi-high speed trains.

Rajesh Agarwal from the Railway Board recently stated that the Indian Railways is soon entering the new era of semi-high speed trains. These services include upgrading of trains that can reach  the speed of 160 kmph and the upgradation of the tracks and the signalling infrastructure for these trains.

As said by Agarwal, initiatives have been taken to improve the amenities of the semi-high speed trains, making it easier and convenient for the passengers. He also said that to increase the speed of intercity trains, the coaches would be replaced by electric-multiple units that are also aided with automatic door systems.

With this new change, the experience of the trains run by the Indian Railways is going to enter a new phase, where the travellers find the train journeys enjoyable and relaxing compared to the times when the passengers used to dread train rides due to their lack of convenience and facilities.

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