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Indian Railways Offer Airport-Like Facilities to Train Travellers

Here’s some great news for Indian train travellers. Competing with roadways and the aviation sector, the railway ministry is now implementing new features and facilities n trains as well as at the railway stations, ensuring that the travellers have better train rides and enjoy their time at the railway stations.

Some of the new features introduced by Indian Railways are:

  • Shopping experience: Like aircrafts, on-board shopping experience allows passengers to buy items that include food, cosmetics and FMCG products. Currently, 16 trains have been introduced with this new feature, which would later be featured on other trains based on the success of the project.
  • Bio-vacuum toilets: The Indian Railways are looking to install bio-vacuum toilets on trains, just like the ones in aircrafts. This would help in efficient flushing and eliminating foul smell effectively.
  • Customised entertainment: Trains like the Tejas Express and the luxury coaches of Shatabdi Express trains have given the privilege of a personalised entertainment experience to the passengers. These trains also offer amenities like individual reading lights and attendant calling buttons.
  • Railway stations similar to airports: To enhance the travelling experience of the train travellers, the Indian Railways would be introducing features like LED lighting in the railway stations. This feature, however, has been already introduced in some of the railway stations in India, and has a positive response among travellers.
  • Airport-like security and entrance: To avoid the rush at the railway stations, the passengers are now required to report at the railway station 20 minutes before the departure of the train, a feature that is similar to that at the airports. Security checks also are to be introduced in railway stations, just like in airports.

With all these new features at railway stations and on the trains, the train travellers are going to surely have a better time travelling to their desired destinations by train.

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