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Indian Railways: Arrive 20 Minutes Before Train Departure

As an initiative to improve the security measures at railway stations, the Indian Railways has introduced a security plan to seal the railway station 20 minutes prior to the train’s scheduled departure. Just like in airports, this security system focuses on the security check of the passengers and their baggage before the start of the scheduled train journey.

This new move by the Indian Railways ensures each entry point at the railway stations are aided with CCTV cameras, baggage screening systems, bomb detection and disposal systems, and access control. Suspected passengers will have to go through a face recognition software that would alert the Railway Protection Force.

This new security system is to be introduced at 202 sensitive railway stations on its trial performance. As a part of the access control measures, the Indian Railways has initiated a Rs 3000 crore investment plan to install 1.2 million cameras in the designated railway stations, some of which are to be installed in train coaches too.

Unlike in airports, the passengers don’t have to report hours before the scheduled departure of the train. However, they are to reach 20 minutes prior to the departure of the train to avoid any kind of security check delays at the railway station.

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