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Five years from now, India is going to have 100 new airports! What’s more, this new proposal also includes operations of 1000 new routes that would help passengers connect with cities and villages that are currently not easily commutable. 

The new proposal was discussed in a private meeting last week, and it was decided to improve the infrastructure by 2025. As per the reports, INR 1 trillion will be apparently spent on building the new airports in the coming 5 years. 

This new initiative is being taken to enhance and boost the economic status of the country. The nation aims to become a $5 trillion economy by the year 2025. This development would be on an overall aviation level, where the number of locally trained pilots aim to hit 600 every year. The domestic aircraft fleet also aims to increase to 1200. 

As India plans to accelerate the airport development, China is no less with a plan of building 450 new commercial airports by the year 2035. 

Though building 100 new airports in a span of 5 years seem challenging, this new development once implemented, would certainly help travellers commute within and from India in a hassle-free and quicker way. 

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