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How to Get Your Tatkal Tickets Booked in 10 Minutes

It is not always that you plan a trip well ahead and book your tickets in advance. At times, we make plans at the last minute and just go! This is when tatkal tickets come to the rescue of train travellers. Though the train tickets would have been exhausted when you check at the last moment, there is still a chance of getting tatkal tickets booked.

From 7 to 10 percent of the total IRCTC train tickets are reserved for the tatkal quota, which can be booked one day prior to the scheduled departure of the train. Well, since the users who search for tatkal tickets are huge, you may also not be able to book these tickets if you’re not quick enough. Here are several tips to ensure confirmed IRCTC tatkal tickets.

  • Use a fast internet connection & browser: A slow internet connection will not help you in beating the huge traffic on the website for tatkal ticket booking. Ensure that the internet connection you use is quick enough to help you get the transaction done. Similarly, a fast browser like Chrome would be the best for getting the bookings done in a jiffy.
  • Login earlier: When the tatkal counters are open online, the websites are generally jammed due to heavy traffic. To avoid this, you can be prepared and be ready to book the tickets by logging in a few minutes before the opening time for tatkal reservations.
  • Be quick & accurate: A slight fall in the typing speed or a minor error may cost you a lot when it comes to tatkal ticket booking. Be alert, quick and as far as possible, accurate when you fill the data.

Tatkal Ticket Guidelines & Rules

  • Keep your documents handy: Keep your debit/credit card, PAN card or other ID proofs ready while sitting to book the tatkal tickets.
  • Make use of multiple IDs: It is advised to have multiple login IDs created for booking tickets online. If one does not function, perhaps the website could work with the next choice.
  • Be ready with the details to enter: Have all the details ready to enter such as the names of the passengers. Being familiar with the required station codes can also save your time.

Do you also have a few more tips that can help in tatkal ticket bookings? If so, do share in the comment section below.

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