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We know how travel can sometimes come with its own hassles or steal you of your much-deserved de-stressing break. On top of that, unpredictable or surging prices might seem like a huge travel problem. Especially in India, where plenty of festivals throughout the year continue to support the excuse of ticket price surges or unavailability during umpteen seasons or special occasions. Well, we have news for you, and we think this one will further help you amp up your travel and surge nothing but great travel memories.

What Is Best Price Guaranteed?

Paytm Bus promises you the lowest price guarantee on bus bookings. Book bus tickets on Paytm by private operators, with the promo code BESTPRICE, and get the lowest price on any OTA (Online Travel Aggregator). Thinking there is a catch? There is not.

If you find a lower price on any other Online Travel Aggregator for your bus booking on Paytm with the specifics of the booking being the same, we will transfer 2X cashback of the price difference right into your Paytm wallet. But before you book your exciting bus trip on Paytm, do make sure to keep reading in order to be informed of all the important details.

Best-Price-Guaranteed_H1-v2-1-1But just before we dive into the details of this incredible offer, let us further sweeten our deal, like always.

Why should you book your bus via Paytm Bus?

This is why.

Paytm Bus is your best choice in terms of everything related to bus ticket bookings, including the easiest and fastest travel booking experience and plenty of unique services and benefits, which are as follows:

  • Now book your buses with exciting cashbacks, discounts, and offers anytime, as there is always a seasonal or special deal brewing on your Paytm App, waiting for you to grab it.
  • Book your buses on Paytm with plenty of benefits like Cancellation Protect. Paytm Bus Cancellation Protect can be purchased on the Paytm app during your bus booking. This deal guards your booking money against the uncertainty of future, and helps you get back your booking amount even during unpredictable changes, circumstances or last-minute cancellations.
  • Always find a bus no matter when or where ever you are, or your destination across India. You always get to book bus tickets on Paytm Bus, as per your choices and comfort, with more than 2500 Bus Operators on Paytm Travel Ticket Booking.

3Simple Steps to Booking the Best-priced Buses on Paytm

Now that we have established why the best choice for your bus bookings is Paytm Bus, let us focus on how to get you the best prices as well. Get the most budget bus tickets on Paytm by following these easy & convenient steps, anytime, anywhere:

  1. Open Paytm
  2. Go to Ticket Booking
  3. Enter details & book your bus tickets with code: BESTPRICE
  4. & Voila! Finish booking your tickets with the lowest prices ever!
  5. Save so much that you come back to Paytm Travel Ticket Booking to book more tickets with the savings!

Still, fingers crossed, if you find a lower price on any other travel ticket booking platform, your 2X cashback of the bus booking price difference will be waiting right here on your Paytm app.

pexels-miguel-a-padrinan-1111319-1-1-scaledEligibility & Applicability

Good news again!

Any user who has an active bus booking on Paytm and has applied the BESTPRICE promo code on their booking is eligible for this program. This program is applicable on all bus bookings, except state transport buses (RTCs). All other services are covered under this program. When comparing the bus bookings, you need to make sure that you compare the same bus services on Paytm and the other platforms.

You can use the following checklist to compare the services:

  1. Operator name
  2. Date & time of departure
  3. Date and time of arrival
  4. Seat type (Sleeper/Semi Sleeper/ Seater)
  5. Bus type (AC/Non-AC; Volvo/Non Volvo)
  6. No. of passengers

If all the above details are the same and you can still find a lower price on the other chosen platform, reach out to us with screenshots and we will transfer 2X cashback of the price difference to your Paytm wallet.

pexels-dids-1986996-scaledWhat should your screenshots contain?

The following details are a tad bit important:

You need to provide screenshots of the Paytm Order summary page which contains the following information:

  1. Order ID
  2. Promo code application details
  3. Payment breakup details
  4. No. of passenger details

You need to provide screenshots of Review page of the other platform chosen for comparison should contain the following details:

  1. Route
  2. Date & time of departure
  3. Date & time of arrival
  4. Bus type details (AC/Non AC; Seater/Sleeper; Volvo/Non Volvo; etc.)
  5. No. of passenger details
  6. Payment-breakup details

What should you consider for price comparison?

These 2 simple things below:

  1. Paytm Price = Total paid price on order summary page – cashback – ancillary products price (insurance, cancellation protect)
  2. Other OTA Price = Final payable price on the Review page – ancillary products price (insurance, cancellation protect)
4So, what are you waiting for? Seize your Best Price Guaranteed Cashback on your Paytm Bus Booking now! You can find more details about the program here.


Happy travelling best & saving most!

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