How To Book A Bus With The TravelSafe+ Feature?

Ever since the touchdown of corona virus on Indian soil, lives have been displaced and travel has been wrecked havoc. Constantly juggling between the importance of staying indoors and the need for travel, these are times when simple joys are retrieved from restricted movement.

Back in the year, while checklists encompassed sunglasses and lipstick, currently they have been overwritten by facemask and sanitisers. And the replacement does not end there! Itineraries have been swapped with safety procedures and happiness with fear. While utmost efforts are being made to refrain from leisure travel, unexpected and unavoidable situations demand us to brave all odds and reach our destination.

Any mode of public transportation – flights, bus, or trains – leads to the same set of questions in mind. How safe is it? Is it sanitised after each trip? Are food and beverages being provided? What is the distance between each passenger? How safe is it to touch my surroundings? What if my co-passenger showcases symptoms enroute? Thoughts which never even lingered at the back of our minds, have today become the biggest concern to humankind.

While we might not have the solution to eradicate the virus completely, we hear you and we are here for you! In order to ease your stress and amplify your bus journey in particular, we at Paytm Travel have launched a new feature called TravelSafe+ which collates operators entitled with this tag and assists passengers in booking a safe bus as not all of them fall under this category.

Safety being key, multiple bus operators enforce and ensure certain safety protocols for the bus and its passengers for every trip. The TravelSafe+ feature on Paytm helps you filter all the bus operators and routes to your desired destination with this tag.

Buses with TravelSafe+ tag assure the following:


Enforced on 7th May 2021, as of today we have 110 bus operators with this tag and over 7000 travelers content with this feature, thereby giving us a 5-star rating.

Only if you have a need and it can be completed by a bus, go on to Paytm Bus Ticket Bookings, apply the TravelSafe+ feature and choose a safe bus of your choice to your destination.

We encourage you to follow all travel safety guidelines, check updated travel restrictions and regulations of both departure and arrival destinations and have a happy journey!

Stay safe.

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