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Planning your trip, but you want it to be a budget trip? There are some destinations in India which can be covered in less than 10k! Yes, these are beautiful places nonetheless. Here are some of the holidays that you can take under 10k.

Pushkar, Rajasthan


If you want to connect with Rajasthan’s roots, Pushkar is the perfect place to start. Known for the desert, safari, colours; Pushkar embodies the culture of Rajasthan more than anything. The perfect time to visit is the Pushkar Mela. Rajasthan cities are pretty cheap on the pocket. You can find budget accommodations for as less as Rs 1500 per day.

Coorg, Karnataka


Known as the Scotland of India, it has lush mountains, coffee plantations which makes for a nice stay at this Southern paradise. You can take a flight to Bengaluru and then take a cab till Coorg, 267 kilometres away. You can find great home-stays here as cheap as Rs 1500 per day. The food is also not that pricey, you can expect it to be Rs 1000 per day for one person.

Matheran, Maharashtra


Known as India’s Grand canyon, Matheran is a wonderful getaway from Mumbai. You can take a train to Matheran from Mumbai for Rs. 206 (round trip). Lush green valleys and solace is what you will get at this pretty place. You can stay here at great hotels for as low as Rs. 1500. You can try some fish fry,  Biryani and Vada Pav for as cheap as Rs. 1000.

Mysore, Karnataka


Next to the town of Bangalore, lies the small but cute little town of Mysore. One of the cleanest cities in India, Mysore is definitely a place to visit at least once. Famous for Tipu Sultan’s bravery and valor- this place is still known for its unique history. You can visit the beautiful gardens or the stunning city palace. You can stay in Mysore for Rs. 1000.

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh


A culturally rich and beautiful state, MP is one of the best tourist places in India. The most important part of their state is Khajuraho which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A stunning set of temples lie in the heart of the city which is a must-see for the history and architecture buffs. You can manage your stay here at as low as Rs. 800.

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