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Whether you’re planning a trip well in advance or travelling on short notice, one of the major concerns faced while booking trains is the confirmation of waitlisted tickets. You may be anxiously waiting, not knowing whether you would even be able to take the train on that day! 

With our PNR Confirmation Prediction feature, you can now predict the confirmation of your tickets even before you book the tickets. Let’s see how it works. 

Step 1: Once you search for train tickets entering the source, destination and the preferred date of travel, a list of trains would be displayed on the screen that also shows the fares for each class of travel. On the bottom right of each class, you can find the probability percentage mentioned. The coloured encircling of the percentage signifies the following:

  • Green: More than 75% chances of getting the tickets confirmed
  • Orange: 40-75% chances of getting the tickets confirmed
  • Red: Less than 40% chances of getting the tickets confirmed

Here, you have better chances of having the tickets confirmed, with a better probability percentage. 


Step 2: When you select a particular train from the list provided, the probability percentage is found against the dates displayed. The confirmation probability for the next seven days from the searched date is displayed on the screen, helping you plan your trip better.


Isn’t it awesome that you no more have to worry about getting your waitlisted tickets confirmed? Use this amazing feature from Paytm and enjoy a relaxed train ticket booking experience. 

Paytm, along with this feature, also offers you attractive features that include the Fast Forward Feature, Quick Book Feature and Guaranteed Seat Assistance.

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