Paytm introduces Free Cancellation on Flights and Bus bookings

In line with our constant endeavor to improve the travel booking experience for our customers, we are happy to talk about yet another useful offering from Paytm.

Many of us have faced the situation when we had to cancel our flight or bus booking due to sudden change in travel plans. In most cases, customers are required to pay hefty cancellation penalty to the airline or bus operator depending upon how late we cancel the ticket.

To save travellers from this perennial pain point, Paytm has introduced a new feature known as FREE Cancellation. With this feature, customer can avail full refund at the time of cancellation, just by paying a small fee at the time of booking the ticket, on Paytm.

The fee varies depending upon the ticket price, and is as low as Rs. 3 for a bus ticket and Rs. 49 for a flight ticket. For air travel, where airlines can typically charge around Rs. 3,000 as cancellation penalty, the FREE Cancellation feature offers a great value to travellers, giving them the flexibility to change their travel plans anytime without the fear of high cancellation charges.

Sharing below answers to some frequently asked questions about Paytm’s FREE Cancellation feature.

1. Is it the Paytm cancellation charge that is being waived off or is it really the airline or bus operator charges that is waived off?

Unlike most other travel sites/apps, Paytm doesn’t charge any cancellation processing fee for Flights and Bus bookings. If you cancel a ticket that was booked on Paytm, the only fee that is charged is the one levied by the airline or bus operator (refer this post for more details on our zero cancellation processing fee policy).

And now, if you opt for the FREE Cancellation feature, even the airline or bus operator fee gets waived off.

2. Are there any special conditions that need to be met for claiming the FREE Cancellation?

There are no special or hidden conditions for claiming the FREE Cancellation. You may cancel the ticket for any reason and avail full refund. The refund only depends on the cancellation time. This rule is specific to Flights or Bus, and is as follows:

Flight ticket cancellation: If you have opted for FREE Cancellation then you get full refund if you cancel the ticket on Paytm, at least 6 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time.

Bus ticket cancellation: If you have opted for FREE Cancellation then you get full refund if you cancel the ticket on Paytm, at least 6 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

3. How do I enable FREE Cancellation on my ticket?

It’s very simple. Just look for the FREE Cancellation option while booking your ticket on Paytm app/website. The fee to be paid for availing the FREE Cancellation feature will get automatically added to your total payment amount. Sharing below few screenshots of the FREE Cancellation option for your easy reference.

FREE Cancellation option for bus booking

4. If I have opted for FREE Cancellation for my travel booking on Paytm, how much refund will I get at the time of cancellation?

If you have booked a flight ticket then other than the airfare, you would have paid a non-refundable convenience fee and a small fee for availing the FREE Cancellation. At the time of cancellation, you will get the entire airfare back.

Example: Let’s assume that Airfare is Rs.5000 and Convenience Fee is Rs. 250. Let’s further assume that the airline cancellation charge is Rs. 3000.

If you hadn’t opted for FREE Cancellation, your refund amount would have been Rs.5000 -Rs.3000 = Rs.2000.

However, if you had opted for FREE Cancellation by paying a small fee, you would receive the entire airfare of Rs. 5000 as refund.

5. How much time does it take to receive the full refund?

The refund is instant. Paytm initiates the refund as soon as the cancellation request is raised by the customer on Paytm app/website. In case the money is refunded to the credit/debit card or net banking account then depending upon the bank, it may take up to 7 days for the refund to get credited to your account.

Got more questions or suggestions for us? Reply to this post and we’ll be happy to answer.

For all your travel bookings, ab befikar #PaytmKaro! 🙂

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