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Nothing feels as good as a long, lazy weekend amidst our busy schedules, and when it comes to taking a little break, August won’t disappoint. With Janmasthmi, Rakshabandhan, Independence Day and Ganesh Chaturthi falling around weekends, it’s time for some long holiday cheer.

Instead of lazing around at home, make the most of this opportunity by travelling to destinations you have never been to. If you haven’t planned anything yet, plan it right now to avoid surging fares.

Long Weekend in August

Rakhshabandhan – 7th August | Monday

Break away from the cliché idea of gifting chocolates or clothing to your sisters/brothers. Make the most of the long weekend this Rakshabandhan – a festival that celebrates siblings’ bitter-sweet relationship. Give your partner-in-crime a surprise visit or go on a trip along with him/her to give them the much-need gift – a chance to travel and rejuvenate.


Janamasthami – 14th August | Monday

Janamasthami – the festival that commemorates the birth of Lord Krishna – is celebrated around the world with much pomp and fervour. Be it the ritual of Dahi Handi in Maharashtra or the tradition of human pyramids known as ‘Govindas’, Janamasthami definitely brings cheer and happiness everywhere around. Another great option to double the fun of this festival would be to celebrate it either in Mathura, Vrindavan, Mumbai or Thane where raas leelas or religious plays, music and dance, mark the celebrations.

Independence Day

Independence Day – 15th August | Tuesday

August, 1947 was the month that changed every Indian’s destiny forever – it was the month of glory, the month of courage; the month when India won its independence. This year, we are celebrating 70th Independence Day, and it’s time we go down in history and instill patriotism in us. Plan a trip to the heritage sites in India and learn about their relevance in Indian History. Celebrate being an Indian by visiting Delhi for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of watching the parade, visit Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad to pay tribute to Gandhi ji or plan a trip to Port Blair for its incredible heritage and significance in India’s history. You can also pay a visit to the innumerable monuments and heritage sites in Delhi and Mumbai.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi – 25th August | Friday

Ganesh Chaturthi is a time for devotion and prayer. Celebrated with much enthusiasm across the country, the festivities last for about 10 days. Pay your respect to Lord Ganesha this time by planning a trip to Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu or Karnataka, where the festival is celebrated with much enthusiasm. Visit Mumbai or Pune to witness the grand celebration.

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Happy Holidays!

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