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A facility or an opportunity to earn for you – this program will prove beneficial for both you and your friends in many ways! This offers something for everyone: rewards for both parties, as well as empowerment of more people to book travel the best way and with the most savings on Paytm.

Paytm’s Flight Referral Program allows all Paytm users to invite friends, relatives, or anyone they know to book flights on Paytm and earn lots of cashback on every referral! Not only this, but anyone who joins Paytm through the invitation can also receive exclusive discounts on their first flight booking transaction on Paytm! Keep scrolling to know everything about Paytm Flight Referral Program and how it can be used to earn cashback, discounts, rewards and more.

pexels-kindel-media-7688658-scaledHow does the Flight Referral Program work?

This program is made up of these two parties:

  • Referrer– One who refers or invites another person to book flight tickets on Paytm
  • Referee– One who gets referred by the referrer to join Paytm and book flights

Flight Referral Program is an initiative that allows Paytm users to invite friends who have never booked flight tickets on Paytm before, to start using Paytm and earn cashback in the process. The following points will provide you with more details about this program:

  • Paytm users, the referrers, can use this program to invite their friends, relatives and others to book flights on Paytm
  • Every time a new referee joins and books a flight on Paytm, the referrer receives Rs. 50 cashback
  • The referee who joins Paytm via the Flight Referral Program can receive as much as Rs. 1200 discount on his/her 1st flight booking
  • A referrer may share the referral link with any number of people via multiple social media channels

How can referrers get rewards?

pexels-antonius-ferret-5253857-scaledA Paytm user or referrer can earn cashback on every one of their successful referrals. Here’s how:

  • The referrers must find the unique Flight Referral Program invite link on Paytm and send the same to the referees.
  • The referrers must ask their friends to book their first flights on Paytm only through this unique invite link.
  • When a referee books a flight on Paytm via the referrer’s invite and completes their first flight booking transaction, the referrer will receive Rs. 50 cashback on each of their successful referrals.

How can referees get rewards?

pexels-samson-katt-5225116-scaledAnyone who joins Paytm through the Flight Referral Program invitation can receive rewards. Here’s how:

  • The referees must use the Flight Referral Program invite link sent to them by the referrer, to join Paytm and log in.
  • They must book their first flight on Paytm only through this unique invite link.
  • When a referee joins Paytm via the referrer’s invite, they can get as much as Rs. 1200 off on their 1st flight booking with promo code REFERFLY.

How to use Flight Referral Program?

pexels-porapak-apichodilok-367273-scaledSo do you want to start earning cashback with Paytm’s Flight Referral Program? All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Paytm app & sign in.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Ticket Booking‘ section & click on ‘Flight Tickets‘.
  • Find the Flights Referral banner from the banner carousel right under the flight booking section & click on it. (look for ‘Get Rs. 150 Cashback’)
  • Select your preferred medium for sending the invites or simply copy the invite code & send it to your friends asking them to book flights on Paytm & voila, you’re all set!

Why use Paytm’s Flight Referral Program?


Using this program can prove beneficial to all parties for the following reasons:

  • Every time a referee joins and completes their first flight booking transaction on Paytm, the referrer can earn Rs. 50 cashback.
  • Referees who join and book flights on Paytm with code REFERFLY, get as much as Rs. 1200 off on their 1st flight booking.
  • The Flight Referral Program is convenient, simple and provides all parties with lots of benefits.
  • The referral requests can be sent to a wide variety of social channels.
  • Flight bookings on Paytm are quick, secure, easy, available 24*7, and can be used anytime, anywhere.
  • Flight bookings on Paytm are cash-free transactions, without transaction fees, and come with various offers, zero convenience fee, big all-year-around discounts, cashbacks, benefits and more.

So what are you waiting for? Send your friends the Paytm Flight Referral Program invite link, empower them to book flights in the best way and start earning lots of cashback!

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