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Dubai embodies the have-it-all spirit in a lot of ways – with its sky-scraping architecture, countless shopping hubs, desert safaris, the glorious white marble domes and mosques; not to forget the world’s tallest pre-eminent building, Burj Khalifa, and Abu Dhabi. Travellers can have a fun time in Dubai – all at a limited budget, and that’s what makes this city a prime destination for tourists.

And now, Dubai is going to add another feather in its cap. The city is all set to build a floating replica of Venice, and the grand plan was recently unveiled.

The replica is essentially going to be the world’s first Venetian-themed underwater resort that would give the travellers an uber-luxurious experience. The resort would have winding waterways, gondolas, arched bridges and even the famous Piazza San Marco of Venice.

The key features of the resort will be:

  • 12 floating beaches
  • Glass-bottomed swimming pool with views of the coral reef underneath
  • 12 underwater restaurants
  • Bars and a spa
  • Traditional Venetian festivals and events to be celebrated at the venue
  • The underwater cabins with spectacular oceanic views
  • Venetian-style shops and arcades
  • The gondolas flown in straight from Italy

The resort will be accessible by boat, sea plane or helicopter, and will be designed to host 3000 guests at a time. Once the project gets completed, this resort would become a destination in itself.

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