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Difference Between Tatkal & Premium Tatkal Tickets

You may have come across tatkal tickets while booking train tickets, and may be familiar with booking them too. Tatkal tickets are the tickets that can be booked when you check for train tickets at the last moment. Well, there is one more option called premium tatkal that you perhaps have not heard about. Let’s find out the differences between tatkal and premium tatkal tickets.

  • Change in fare: Premium tickets are higher priced when compared to the tatkal tickets. The premium tatkal tickets are dynamically priced, and keeps fluctuating based on the demand. The ticket prices vary on the seat availability and the rate of bookings.
  • RAC/Waitlisted tickets: While you can avail RAC or waitlisted tickets under tatkal quota, this is not allowed on premium tatkal tickets.
  • Booking by agents: You can book your tatkal tickets with the help of an agent. Whereas, this option is not available for premium tatkal tickets. Premium tatkal tickets has to be booked online.

Tatkal Ticket Guidelines & Rules

Both tatkal and premium tatkal tickets can be booked one day prior to the scheduled departure of the train. The bookings for AC tickets can be done from 10AM and from 11AM for non-AC tickets.

Having stated the major differences between tatkal and premium tatkal tickets, when are you planning your next train journey?

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