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Chhath Puja is one of the biggest festivals for Hindus – this festival of sun worship and good health falls after 6 days of Laxmi Puja festival, and is mainly celebrated in Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar with abundant fanfare. During this festival, devotees worship the Sun God and pray for well-being and success. Apart from India, this four-day festival is also celebrated in our neighbouring country, Nepal – the land of snow peaks, Sherpas, and monasteries. Here is a list of a few destinations in Nepal that witness Chhath celebrations:



Rather than celebrating in the typical style, in Biratnagar, Chhath Puja is celebrated with a cultural twist. Thousands of people gather at the bank of Koshi River during sunset and sunrise and pray to the Sun God. The view of so many people in the river with lighted diyas in their hands is a sight to behold.



This small town is the main place to visit in Nepal for Chhath Puja celebration. Janakpur is the capital of Mithila tradition and during Chhath Puja, many devotees throng the town to worship the Goddess of Chhath Puja festival. It showcases a cultural and traditional elements of Hindu religion with a hardness of purity.

Bagmati River


Bagmati River, in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is easily one of the most iconic places to celebrate Chhath Puja Festival. The River has a lot of religious importance and the ghats are decked up around Chhath. On the night prior to Chhath Puja, streets are lit with thousands of lamps and lights to signify new beginnings and protection from diseases.



Another place where Chhath is celebrated with all pomp and show is Birgunj. This small town is the trade barrier and the gateway of Nepal for business. Birgunj witnesses a Bhojpuri style Chhath celebration and is one of the best places to visit in Nepal.

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Happy Chhath Puja!

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