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Did you know that flight travellers have certain protection rights and they can claim compensation if they are barred from boarding a flight without prior notice? Yes, airline companies pay hefty amount as compensation for inconveniences caused to passengers, every year.

What to do if you are denied boarding?

In case you are denied boarding, compensation can be claimed if you are holding a confirmed ticket at the time of boarding and if you are present at the time specified by the airline. In case the airline arranges for an alternate flight, scheduled to depart within one hour of the originally scheduled departure time, the airline is not liable to pay any compensation. The compensation are provided either in cash or through bank transfer.

What to do if flight is delayed or cancelled?

If the flight is delayed beyond the actual departure time or scheduled departure time, the airline is liable to provide compensation of facilities. The airline has to provide meals and refreshment if the flight is delayed by up to 24 hours. If the delay exceeds 24 hours, the airline is liable to provide hotel accommodation and transfers.

In case of flight cancellation, the passenger must be informed at least two weeks before the scheduled date of departure and the choice of a refund or alternate booking should be offered to them. But in case the airline fails to inform, the passenger must get compensation in addition to air ticket price refund, in accordance with DGCA guidelines.

Do ensure that you provide adequate contact information while booking the tickets. In case you fail to do so, the airline is not liable to provide any financial compensation.

Here are the compensation that can be claimed by passengers in case of delay or cancellation of flights:

In case the flight is cancelled or delayed and the passenger needs to travel urgently, the passengers can ask to be accommodated on a different airline’s flight, and the airline would then bear the additional cost.

It’s important to stay informed about the refund policies of your airline for delays, cancellations, being denied boarding, loss or damage, or delayed arrival of baggage. For grievance redressal, passengers should use AirSewa, a grievance redressal system that was launched recently by the government.

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