Common mistakes people make while booking flight tickets

For people who love travelling, planning a holiday never stops! The most important/expensive part of the trip is usually booking flight tickets. What if we told you what not to do while booking a flight ticket? Yes, now you don’t need to wait for festive discount or airline discounts. Just avoid these common mistakes:

Booking at the last minute: Even though this is a no-brainer, a lot of traveller tend to book their tickets at the last moment, which results in higher prices. Booking early is always best, as you are bound to have better options for flights & cheaper flight tickets as well!

Not using an incognito window: Have you ever noticed how the flight prices tend to increase after you have looked at them once before? No, you’re not dreaming. Search engines are smart enough to show you higher prices as the demand is high. The airlines want to scare you into booking early so that you feel pressured. Your cookies are re-set every time you open an incognito window in search engines, so now when you search for your flights, you will see the same price throughout.

Not applying the cheapest flight filter: When you’re booking your flights make sure that the filter for cheapest flights is on! Otherwise you may unknowingly book an expensive flight. If you are flexible with travel dates, you can also use the fare calendar feature on Paytm get the cheapest tickets.

Booking weekend flights: You might notice that flights on the weekends tend to be way more expensive that weekday flights. Take advantage of this fact & don’t book your flights on the weekend. While many theories exist that say Tuesday is the cheapest day to fly, don’t rely on these & try to check it out on your own. Best way to find out is to see prices on each day & pick the cheapest one!

Remember these hacks while booking tickets the next time.

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