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Indians travel the most on trains. More than 30 million Indians travel every day with IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation). At Paytm, our goal is to transform rail ticket booking experience by making it faster and seamless. Now, you can log onto the Paytm app, choose your desired destination, and book a ticket in less than 30 seconds.

In addition to the trusted Paytm experience, here are some convenient features that make Paytm your best travel companion:

1. Fastest checkouts – Paytm ensures quick and easy ticketing experience by processing seamless payments from your Paytm Wallet. This is of great help when you want to grab the last available ticket while making tatkal bookings.

2. Instant and quicker refunds – Refunds for cancellations are instant. In case of a failed booking, you can book another trip immediately, as your money is credited into your wallet in less than 15 minutes.


3. Check availability well in advance– We offer you detailed information and access to the available trains and seats for the entire week, enabling you to plan and book your trip according to the availability.

4. One-click TDR filing – We have simplified the TDR filing process for you with our in-app TDR filing facility. You can now file your TDR on your Paytm app and get instant refunds.

5. Autofill function – Every time you search for a station, there will be a list of popular and recently searched stations based on your reference. We will prompt profile information as well based on your past booking history. This will let you book railway tickets faster and grab that last ticket.

6. Forgot your password? Not a problem! Remembering passwords can be a pain. In case you forget your IRCTC password, we provide password assistance to ensure you log into your IRCTC account securely.

7. Easy PNR status checks– Booked a waiting list ticket? You can check the latest PNR status with a single click, without the hassle of looking up and entering the PNR.

8. Berth/Coach preferences- With help of additional preferences, you can specify minimal berth/coach requirements, preferred coach number, etc.

9. Holiday calendar- To help you with better travel planning, we now show holidays and major festivals on calendar, so that you could book tickets before they are sold out.

Book your train e-tickets on Paytm and make your travel experience smoother and better. 

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